~ Commercial Service ~
  **Monthly service including ALL chemicals starting at $ 450.00 per month ( 3 trips per week)
 ** Monthly service includes :
     Vacuum or brush pool walls and floors as needed
     Skim water surface to remove floating debris each trip
     Clean tile in pool regularly
     Remove and clean skimmer and pump baskets as needed
     Backwash D.E. filter systems as needed
     Test pool water each trip
     Treat pool with necessary chemicals as needed
     Chemicals include chlorine, acid, soda ash, baking soda, algaecide, tile cleaner and defoamer

*** Filter cleans either D.E. or cartridge starting at $70.00 per filter
*** Filter cleans include :
      Dismantling of filter
      Pressure washing grids or elements and all parts
      Soaking them in a solution of detergent, degreaser, acid and water
      Pressure washing of grids or elements again
      Reassembling of filter parts
      Charging filter with D.E. if needed

       Sand filter ( replacing silica sand ) starting at $225.00 per filter
      Acid wash or chlorine bath starting at $ 180.00
      Repairs are priced based on materials and labor needed

The Quality of a Good Job will Outlast The Thrill of a Bargain! 




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